New Quarter Update

It’s been a few months since I refocused the project and began creating this WP site. Since then I have been getting the advice from professors at UCSB. I have been collaborating with the Early Modern Center at UCSB as well as the English Broadside Ballad Archive. James Kearney, my Renaissance Studies major advisor and past-professor, and Megan Palmer-Browne, Assistant Director of EBBA, have been a help since the beginning of my project. Also on board is Eric Bell, Singing Team Manager at EBBA, and Patricia Fumerton, the Director of EBBA. They will be helping me as collaborators and editors of the site.

I have been getting a lot of writing done. The “Introduction” page on the site is almost done, the “Tune” and “Ballad Illustration” pages are both drafts waiting for editing, and I just started working on “Related Ballads/Tunes.”

What’s next? Well, the next post will be all about my contribution to this re-creating of Marlowe’s work by recording my own version of the ballad! From this recording Eric Bell will analyze the rhythm of the text and music as they interact. This way we can see the difference between the text as a song and the text as a poem.

Written by Jessica Sparks
This post was originally written March 21, 2016
Come Live With Me: Living the History of a Ballad


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