Project Credits

Project Creator & Site Author:
Jessica Buck, MLIS from SJSU, AS in Library and Information Services from Palomar College 2017, BA in English and Renaissance Studies with an Early Modern Specialization from UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)

Project Mentors:
Dr. Patricia Fumerton, Professor of English at UCSB, Director of the English Broadside Ballad Archive (EBBA)
Dr. James Kearney, Professor of English, Director of the Early Modern Center at UCSB

The Arnhold Program:

Thanks to the encouragement and generosity of John & Jody Arnhold, benefactors of the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program.
Arnhold Graduate Fellows:
Baron Haber, English Dept., Arnhold Graduate Fellow (2015-2016)
Elizabeth Allen, M.A. in English, Arnhold Graduate Fellow (2014-2015)

Project Contributors:
Erik Bell, Music Specialist at EBBA

Project Editors:

Site Editor:
Jonathan Buck, English teacher, BA in English Education and English Literature from CSULB.

Page Editors:
Erik Bell, Singing Team Manager at EBBA
Dr. James Kearney, Professor of English, Director of the Early Modern Center at UCSB
Dr. Rachel Levinson-Emley, PhD from UCSB, former Research Assistant for Medieval Literatures and Project Co-Manager for EBBA

Kristen McCants, Doctoral Candidate in the Dept. of English, Graduate Fellow for the Early Modern Center at UCSB, Project Manager for EBBA and Editorial Assistant, punctum books and postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies.

Others who have given their time and energy to this project:
Dr. Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UCSB
Dr. Hilary Bernstein, Associate Professor of History at UCSB
Jane Faulkner, Student Success Librarian, Subject Librarian for English and French at the UCSB Library
Dr. Erik Kwakkel, Professor for English Department and Book and Digital Media Studies, University of Leiden. View his blog about medieval manuscripts:
Karen Lindell, Writer for Gazette Newspapers (former Senior Writer at the UCSB Library)
Dr. Megan Palmer
, Lecturer for English at UCSB and Assistant Director for EBBA
Jonathan Rissmeyer, Senior Artist at the UCSB Library

This project has been a labor of love for the past two years, and I am overwhelmed with the support I have received from the USCB English Department, the English Broadside Ballad Archive, and the Early Modern Center at UCSB.

On a more personal note:  Thank you to all my friends and family who put up with me talking about my research non-stop, my incredible mother for the hours she spent looking over the site, the wonderful people I get to work with at the UCSB Library for supporting me and cheering me on, and my then boyfriend (now fiancé) for always listening and providing motivation and useful feedback.

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