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1617417232268 (1)Jessica Grace Buck
MA Library and Information Sciences, SJSU 2019
AS Library Technology, Palomar College 2017
BA English and Renaissance Studies, UCSB 2014-2016


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How it all Began:

This all started with the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program. From there, this wild roller coaster has taken me on an amazing ride. Originally my research was just about the ballad, but as I learned more about the background, I found the history itself fascinating. I had learned in a previous class that the ballad was also a broadside ballad. After much research, I realized it was the text’s life as a broadside ballad that allowed it to inspire such a historical following and spread to such a wide audience. It is the broadside ballad, the song and the tune, that persists to inspire us today.

My hope is that this site will be a space which encourages further research of Christopher Marlowe’s ballad in a way that makes it an interactive experience. This project will help us reimagine how we view and research these kinds of works using the technology available so that what we learn can be disseminated to an audience of our peers and students, and they too can participate in the research-learning experience.

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Dr. Patricia Fumerton, Jessica Buck (Sparks), and Dr. James Kearney.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program, the English Broadside Ballad Archive (EBBA) at UCSB, and my mentors: Dr. Patrica Fumerton and Dr. James Kearney.

Read about how my experience as a research assistant for the English Broadside Ballad Archive helped shape the website: “Let’s Get Digital: Making Broadside Ballads User-Friendly / OR / My Experience Working on a Digital Archive.”

Fun Fact: The total word count of this site is over 16,501! That’s about 33 single-spaced pages or 66 double-spaced pages.

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  • Nature: An English Literary Heritage By Marie Addyman, 2021.