A New Lens

The title of this post has to do with refocusing,  not changing the direction one is looking but changing the focus a bit. I’ve done a bit of refocusing on this project. In the beginning, it was to be a 20+ page paper and now it has become so much more. Not a paper with page after page of criticism, analysis, facts, and citations, but a space that gives information as well as encouraging ongoing interaction. This site exists to honor what Christopher Marlowe’s poem is all about: inspiring, reflecting, and creating.

The site is not live yet. Less than half the pages have anything written on them and those are not even completed. This post will also be private until the site itself is live. However, the documentation of my research is an essential part of this project.

I will using the blog part of this site for all the documentation. Any videos or recordings will also be posted on here.

Written by Jessica Sparks
This post was originally written February 27, 2016
Come Live With Me: Living the History of a Ballad




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